About Us


MobileModeling.com Photography was founded in December 2013 by Christopher Pernell Thames and the Co-Founded Anthony Blanks Jr., whom which also happens to be the best friend of Chris for more than 20+ years. The primary focus of the organization is to bring back the artistic, traditional form of modeling as an art with a “Google Culture”, millennial type of spin. To also include personalizing portfolios for models and family members on a digital scale where the customer base can communicate with the organizational leaders. With the integration of Online Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media Marketing Strategies, Graphic Design, and Web Design the organization hopes to maintain an open-line of communications with models and customers on a global scale.

We Are A International Digital Photography Company/Agency With A Unique Emphasis On Digital Portfolios For Models & Digital Marketing For Family Photography (Children Photography, Portraits, Graduation Pictures, Family Pictures, etc.). We have featured models on our website from Atlanta.Ga., Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and many other countries around the world including the United Kingdom. Our primary focus from the modeling perspective is to highlight women at the forefront of dominance. Not for women or models to be in the background or merely being second rate as a woman to a man. We are also looking to expand our product line to accommodate families with modeling still being the main niche of our business strategy.

The organization is currently searching for Entrepreneurial Talent, Investors and Crowdsourcing platforms (such as Kickstarter) to help propel their revolutionary photography, customer-focused business forward. We are interested in anyone that has a passion for Technology, The Fine Arts, Graphical/Web Applications, and Conceptualizing. We are REALLY looking for unique, specialized individuals that have chosen the “forbidden” and unbeaten path in life to make their own way (Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs).











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